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BirthAction is entirely volunteer-run!

Our volunteers work hard trying to provide you with the best information available and tools you can truly use.  Help support attendance at mainstream conferences, baby fairs, our website, a birth-oriented lending library or other services.  If you would like to help keep our site growing, you can send donations through Paypal by emailing us for the contact info. 

We also appreciate suggestions for programs to work towards with your donations and can help you research other birth causes and organizations that may need funding.


What We Have We Been Doing?

Spoke around the state (Jacksonville, Tampa, Citrus County, SW Florida), nation and even Australia! in 2013 about women’s rights in birth, access and issues with VBAC

Helped sponsor rebozo and trainings

NIH 2010

attended past Florida AHCA hearings


Paying for women to get VBAC sign-offs

Lashley Mitchell Scholarship Fund to the 2009 & 2011 ICAN conferences

Spoke at BOLD in Gainesville  2 years

Got mentioned in the FL Health News articles

Spoke at VBAC Summit 2010/2012,

Spoke at Tampa Bay Birth Network meeting/ICAN of Tampa in 2012

Sponsoring the 2011 VBAC Summit in Miami

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