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Raising Community Awareness

Things you can do for Raising Awareness in your community.

It does NOT take an organization of thousands or fifty women in a group to make change and raise awareness. All it takes is you!

Here are some “One Mom Makes A Difference” projects that you can do in your local area:

  • Do posters or flyers for Cesarean Awareness Month and post them at your local consignment store, nursing school, college, library…
  • Send an email to one person in your state legislature, or send one email to a hundred. 🙂
  • Let your Congressperson know about the Cesarean Epidemic
  • Hand out cesarean awareness ribbons
  • Create a Library display (see below)
  • Sponsor a table/Woman a table at a local birth fair.
  • Start a local Cesarean Recovery/Planning a VBAC/Awareness Month group on Google Groups or Yahoo Groups.
  • Do Cesarean Recovery/Planning a VBAC/Awareness Month meet-ups (

Quick Tips for Library Displays:

Always ask the Head Librarian well in advance of the dates you want to display.

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