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April 10, 2014

Cesarean Awareness Month Day 10

Cesareans affect real women.

Women who have cesareans, even planned ones, have higher rates of postpartum depression.

Women who have cesareans after laboring often have experiences of PTSD symptoms.

Mothers go home with babies they have irrational fears about, wondering deep down if they are really their babies.

They have higher rates of infertility, and higher rates of choosing to never have another child voluntarily reducing their fertility.

They go home and turn off the lights so their partners won’t see their bellies when they make love.

They carry “shelves” of fat over their scars that pilates can’t get rid of, depending on their surgeon’s care and skill of technique.

They are talked about like inanimate objects while on the OR table so their baby’s first moments are about football games and who is going where to do what and they carry that for life.

They have flashbacks from the drugs they are given during the birth.

They are told not to pick up anything more than a few pounds but must cope with toddlers at home and newborn babies they can’t lift.

If it’s bad enough, they get infections and then are blamed for being too fat, doing too much, not taking care of themselves.

Six weeks later, they go back to their surgeon and that surgeon will never see them again to discuss this birth, to discuss this event, to help them recover or to understand the reality of what has just occurred for her and her baby.

None of that is real to them because it is not what they do.
Liability fears should never trump real lives and the true impact of cesarean is not on whether or not a provider will get sued but whether or not a mother is made or whether her basic sense of being a mother is destroyed.
#cesareanawarenessmonth Day 10

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