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April 11, 2014

Cesarean Awareness Month Day 11

I had a lot of things on my mind to talk about for today’s CAM.

Really, it all walked out the door when a friend lost her husband.

So today, I want you to realize that when you look back on your life, did you birth in love?

Did the moment of birth, that stunningly amazing MOMENT make you go “wow” and stare into the eyes of your beloved and know your strength, your amazingness, your joy.

THAT is the message of the day.

And for all the mothers who will never do that, I understand and feel for your loss.

For all the mothers who stand a chance at doing that, fight for it tooth and nail and know that it is the most powerful moment in creation, the division of a dyad into two separate and whole new beings.

That kind of love is agony and will sustain you through everything because in that moment, it IS everything.
Give birth in love. No matter how you do it. Let go and feel the miracle.
#cesareanawarenessmonth Day 10

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