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California State Resources:


1. State Insurance Commissioner:

The Enforcement Branch of the Department of Insurance is the investigative body for the department.

2. State Medical Board:

The Medical Board is responsible for investigating complaints and disciplining physicians and other allied health professionals who violate the law.  If a doctor or other Board licensee appears to have violated the laws that apply to the practice of medicine, Board staff will investigate and charges may be filed.

To file a complaint.

To search for complaints filed.

3. State Minority Office:

Contact information for the state liason representative.

4. State Nursing Board:

The Board of Registered Nursing regulates the practice of registered nurses and certified advanced practice nurses in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The Board exists to protect patients by ensuring that registered nurses are competent and safe to practice.

5. State Midwifery Organization:

The California Association of Midwives (CAM) is a non-profit professional organization representing midwives statewide. CAM membership includes midwives, students, and a supporting membership of other healthcare professionals and consumers.

6. State Friends of Midwives site:

Unable to locate.

7. State Healthy Start or Associated Improved Pregnancy Program/Director’s email:

Information and resources to improve student health, school environment, health education and prevention.

8. State Pregnant Patient’s Bill of Rights or Patient’s Bill of Rights:

The California Board of Psychology (BOP) protects the safety and welfare of consumers of psychological services.

9. State Medicaid Complaint Information:

Medi-Cal fraud is generally defined as the billing of the Medi-Cal program for services, drugs, or supplies that are: unnecessary, not performed or more costly than those actually performed.

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