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Delaware State Resources:

1. State Insurance Commissioner:

At the Delaware Insurance Commissioner’s Office, we make it as easy as possible to get answers to your problems – fast.

2. State Medical Board:

The Investigative Unit provides investigative support to the 32 boards and commissions within the Division of Professional Regulation. The primary responsibility of the Investigative Unit is to investigate complaints against licensed professionals in 40 different professions, and to assist the division in the maintaining of professional standards that govern the licensed professionals. The Investigative Unit performs its functions according to the statutory requirements. For information on how to file a complaint, click here.

To search for complaints filed.

3. State Minority Office:

The Office of Minority Health is at work to eliminate health disparities. This office also collaborates with state, local and private sectors to advance and implement health promotion and disease prevention strategies.

4. State Nursing Board:

The Board of Nursing, hereafter referred to as the Board, is charged with protection of the health, safety, and welfare of Delaware’s citizens by establishing rules and regulations for the licensure and practice of professional and practical nursing. The Board issues licenses by examination and endorsement, evaluates and approves nursing educational programs, conducts hearings, and imposes disciplinary sanctions, when deemed necessary.

Information on how to file a compliant.

5. State Midwifery Organization:

Unable to locate.

6. State Friends of Midwives site:

Unable to locate.

7. State Healthy Start or Associated Improved Pregnancy Program/Director’s email:

Unable to locate.

8. State Pregnant Patient’s Bill of Rights or Patient’s Bill of Rights:

Unable to locate.

9. State Medicaid Complaint Information:

The State of Delaware and the Federal Government have designated the Medicaid Fraud Control Unitand prosecute illegal acts relating to Medicaid funds. Created in 1980, the MFCU, which is housed within the Delaware Department of Justice, is designed to protect the Delaware residents who receive Medicaid and the taxpayers who support the program.

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