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Massachusetts State Resources:

1. State Insurance Commissioner:

The primary mission of the Division of Insurance is to monitor the solvency of its licensees in order to promote a healthy, responsive and willing marketplace for consumers who purchase insurance products.

2. State Medical Board:

The overriding mission of the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services is to serve the public by striving to ensure that only qualified physicians are licensed to practice in the Commonwealth, to ensure that those physicians and health care institutions in which they practice provide to their patients a high standard of care, and to support an environment that maximizes the high quality of health care in Massachusetts.

3. State Minority Office:

The Massachusetts Office of Health Equity promotes the health and well being of racial, ethnic and linguistic minority populations throughout the Commonwealth by increasing the Department of Public Health’s capacity to respond effectively to the critical public health needs of these communities.

4. State Nursing Board:

The mission of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing is to lead in the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Commonwealth through the fair and consistent application of the statutes and regulations governing nursing practice and nursing education.

5. State Midwives Organization

The Massachusetts Midwives Alliance (MMA) is a professional trade organization created by and for a dynamic and diverse group of midwives. The MMA was founded to build cooperation among midwives, and to promote midwifery as a means of improving health care for women and their families.

6. Friends of Midwifery:

Massachusetts Friends of Midwives (MFOM) is a non-profit organization working to promote and protect the rights of all midwives and the women and families who birth with them.

7. State Healthy Start or Associated Improved Pregnancy Program/Director’s email:

Healthy Start is a free health insurance program for pregnant uninsured low-income women, to help them give their babies a healthy start in life.

8. State Pregnant Patient’s Bill of Rights or Patient’s Bill of Rights:

The following summarizes both federal law and the Massachusetts Patients’ Bill of Rights.

9. State Medicaid Complaint Information:

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of Massachusetts

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