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Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Resources:


1. State Insurance Commissioner Complaint:

The OHIC is the first state agency dedicated solely to health insurance oversight.

2. State Medical Board Complaint:

The Department of Health and/or the Boards are granted the authority to investigate and adjudicate complaints of “unprofessional conduct” on the part of any person licensed by the Department of Health. Unprofessional conduct includes, but is not limited to issues related to standards of care of a given health profession, as well as issues regarding abuse/neglect, any willful misconduct in the practice of health care and/or any criminal misconduct on the part of the Health Care Professional.

3. State Minority Office:

To provide services so that all racial and ethnic minority populations in Rhode Island will have equal opportunity to live safe and healthy lives in safe and healthy communities. To facilitate access to health information, education and risk reduction activities for racial and ethnic minority communities and to develop policies, plans and tracking systems for ensuring that the needs of these communities are integrated and addressed within all HEALTH programs.

4. State Nursing Board Complaint:

The Board of Nurse Registration and Nursing Education is charged with protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people of Rhode Island. The Board, through enforcement of statutes and regulations, safeguards the people from unauthorized, unqualified, and improper application of services by individuals in the practice of nursing.

5. State Midwives Organization

Rhode Island has one of the oldest midwifery laws on the books. Simple and straightforward, the statute itself encompasses direct-entry midwives. However, as the health care system has changed, the rules and regs for this statute have been amended in ways that effectively deny women and families access to attended out-of-hospital birth.

6. Friends of Midwifery:

Unable to locate.

7. State Healthy Start or Associated Improved Pregnancy Program/Director’s email:

No Healthy Start, but WIC is:

8. State Pregnant Patient’s Bill of Rights or Patient’s Bill of Rights:

Unable to locate.

9. State Medicaid Complaint Information:

Unable to locate.

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