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South Dakota

South Dakota State Resources:


1. State Insurance Commissioner Complaint:

The Insurance Fraud Prevention Unit is a law enforcement and prosecuting agency with statewide jurisdiction. Our duties include investigating referrals of suspected fraudulent insurance acts, promoting awareness of insurance fraud, conducting independent studies to determine the extent of fraudulent insurance acts, prosecuting fraudulent insurance acts and cooperating with insurance companies, claims adjusters, and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to combat insurance fraud.

2. State Medical Board Complaint:

The mission of the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners is to protect the health and welfare of the state’s citizens by assuring that only qualified doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, physical therapists, advanced life support personnel, physician assistants, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and dietitians are licensed to practice in South Dakota.

3. State Minority Office:

Contact information for the state liaison representative.

4. State Nursing Board Complaint:

To safeguard life, health, and the public welfare, and to protect citizens from unauthorized, unqualified, and improper application of nursing education programs and nursing practices.

5. State Midwives Organization

Unable to locate.

6. Friends of Midwifery:

South Dakota Safe Childbirth Options, Inc. (SDSCO) is a group of concerned families operating under Christian principles promoting safe and responsible birth options. SDSCO is dedicated to protecting midwives and families and to educating the public about the safety and practicality of midwife-attended home birth, other birth options, and related issues concerning the health and safety of women and children.

7. State Healthy Start or Associated Improved Pregnancy Program/Director’s email:

One of the top priorities of the Bright Start Initiative is to assure that every baby born in South Dakota has the opportunity for a good start in life. Bright Start components include the areas of infant brain development, comprehensive early childhood development that includes physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, parent education and health care.

8. State Pregnant Patient’s Bill of Rights or Patient’s Bill of Rights:

Unable to locate.

9. State Medicaid Complaint Information:


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