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All Those Tests!

Ever wonder what all those tests mean?  What normal is?  What does BORDERLINE mean?

During pregnancy, we aren’t often encouraged to question the testing process.  Women are told when certain tests are scheduled but not given the option to refuse or given adequate information about what the test is actually looking for or what the result might implicate.  For some women, the tests themselves become an endless round of test after test, depending on what the results were and even the most simple of tests can radically alter your maternity care.  We’re hoping to help sort out some of your questions and fears about all those tests that are offered during pregnancy.  So, what is the normal range?

Different labs may have different ranges based on different measurements for a test or they may have different tests altogether.  Low normal is still part of the curve of normal and high normal is still normal, too.  If a care provider expresses concern for a low or high range of normal, this might not be remarkable.  However, if they want to act on it by talking about induction or medications or another form of intervention, it’s strongly advised for you to go home and do some research yourself.  While your provider may be erring on the side of caution for them, it may not be something that you need to actively treat for you or you might have other options.  You are always your greatest strength when it comes to research because no one cares more for your baby than you do!

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