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Healthy Postpartum

  • Tools for Recovery

    One of the best tools for recovery is knowing what to buy and what might be helpful when healing that doesn’t require you to spend money.

    What moms find helpful after vaginal birth:

    • Frozen maxipads! Who would have thought that a little bit of water and tossed in the freezer would make this a perfect ice pack to sit on? Some midwives recommend using frozen peas when they get home – corn works too. Also, cut a slit in the back of a diaper, stick a ziploc baggie of ice in it – instant, absorbent ice pad!  Another recommendation is to put some herbs (like comfrey) onto a few maxi pads, along with some witch hazel, then freeze.  The witch hazel keeps the liquid from freezing solid, and helps with inflammation as well.
    • Frozen meals! Not to be confused with the above, but most of us don’t have half our mom’s group cooking for us to freeze and our “real” mom lives in a different state, so you can do it yourself in the weeks leading up to birth by just doubling your recipes or buy some Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine varieties for instant microwaving while holding infant.

    What moms find helpful after surgery:

    • Belly supporter for after birth. Any mom who has had to put one hand on her stomach while trying to walk can immediately see the benefits here.
    • Knowing that it’s ok to take ibuprofen if you are in pain! Especially for breastfeeding moms – ibuprofen doesn’t build up in breastmilk like Tylenol.
    • See frozen meals above!
    • Boppy or other such pillow for breastfeeding.
    • The phone number of a friend or relative who can take your other children for an hour or two.
    • Rice sock for moist heat on the abdomen.
    • Chux pad or old towel on the mattress in case of leaks.
    • A peri bottle in the bathroom.
    • Fiber tablets and/or stool softener to counteract the constipation from pain meds. (Take them A.S.A.P. after surgery) Docusate – OTC, cheaper than dirt, nicely effective – twice a day. LOTS of fluids.  Prunes work well too, a few a day or one with each meal.

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