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Healthy Pregnancy

What do you picture when you think of a Healthy Pregnancy?

The old stereotype of a nice thin mama eating ice cream and pickles?  We often have an erroneous picture (largely given to us from the media) of what “healthy” really is.  And all those guidelines on what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how to eat!  How realistic is it all?  BirthAction is going to give you the links to healthy pregnancy sites and then we want to hear how you incorporate or make these healthy choices REAL!  Just email with your stories!  Include a name or initial and a general location.

So what is a Healthy Pregnancy?

There is more to it than just the physical needs of the body, there are also mental, emotional and spiritual components.  Here are some hints for you.

Physically Healthy
What every mom needs to know from “How many calories are in macaroni and cheese and should I eat it for breakfast” to how to help fight Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and Gestational Diabetes through nutrition.  This also covers links to exercises for pregnancy, comfort measures, supplements and more.
Mentally Healthy 
How to help work through pregnancy and labor issues and where to go for help.  Look here for affirmations for birth and building up your reserves mentally.
Spiritually Healthy
This page provides a variety of choices for you to reach out towards your spiritual beliefs.  BirthAction doesn’t take any position on different faiths and how they give birth but on this page you can find some supportive websites for birth from various faiths and we encourage you to explore support from where your soul resides…
Emotionally Healthy
Where to find support during pregnancy and how to determine what kind of support that you need for pregnancy and afterwards!  (This link includes how to talk to your husband about homebirth and how to tell your mom you are done discussing your pregnancy choices!

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