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October 20, 2012


Yes. I Have An Agenda.

It’s called informed decision-making.

I believe that every woman should have it.

I believe that providers and laws and legislators should respect it.

I believe in personal responsibility.

I believe in letting a woman decide if she should have an induction based on sound medical information, not provider bias.

I believe that women should be the final decision-makers on whether or not they need a cesarean, not a physician’s fear of malpractice or lawsuits.Do I understand those fears? Yes.
Ultimately, I still believe that a woman has the right to choose which risks of morbidity and mortality over her provider’s right to practice. ANY provider.

I support providers who support women.
I understand providers who live in fear but I do not support their practices because they result in unnecessary surgery for millions of women.

My agenda?
Informed decision-making.
Providers who stand up for what is right rather than doing surgery out of fear.

I’m willing to support providers trying to come out from under their fear. I’m all for supporting women trying to overcome theirs. I want to have conversations that bring providers and women in on the same page.

But until that occurs, Just picture daily that someone takes you into surgery against your will and spends their time convincing you it’s for the “best” that you have this surgery and that you and your child will be harmed by it but that’s okay because it means that other women can have healthy births…and see whether or not you develop an “AGENDA”.

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